The COMPO EXPERT project ‘KeysMyCrops’ held in Beja (Portugal) its first meeting.

The goal of the “KeysMyCrops” project is to share crop knowledge, to replicate success stories, to educate business associates, to apply best practices developing the agriculture of the future.

COMPO EXPERT, a GROUP of companies with a global presence, through the above program, is trying to “marry” agricultural knowledge and skills with the practical applications of farmers of different nationalities in a joint project to foster a more sustainable agriculture.

The team of specialized Experts who are deeply aware of critical crop points will play a significant role in transferring Know-how, helping COMPO EXPERT to be transformed in a crop-centric organization.

Today the Social Platforms (social media) play a significant role in connecting people. The creation of a multiplatform webplace (transitional website, Social media and WebTv incorporation in four languages) is a must and will be crated and used form the team to diffuse the knowledge and the message of the project to the end users.